Specac Launches Two New Products At Analytica Anacon 2011 In Mumbai

Specac is one of the world’s leading suppliers of spectroscopic accessories to the forensic, life science, Pharma, research and quality control application industries

by Matt Day | Friday 4 November 2011

The Mini-Pellet Press
Hazel Hall, Marketing Manager, Allan Finlay, Business Development Manager and Jim Williams, Account Manager took the opportunity to speak with key customers and partners about future co-operation, demonstrated the extensive range of Specac’s spectroscopic accessory portfolio and showed off some of the innovative products that have emerged from the company’s New Product Development Team led by Dr Mark Gunning.

Hazel Hall says, “This is our first visit to Analytica Anacon India and I was delighted with the positive response we received from the people we met. As one of the BRIC nations, India is a key area of focus for our business and following this visit I’m certain that we will make significant inroads based upon the quality and specification of our product range.

We were also very well supported at the show by our key agent in India, Mr Asish Mukherjee from Spectrolab Systems Asia Pacific (Mumbai). Whilst in India we also took the opportunity to visit some key customers in Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi”

The show also saw the launch of two major new products that have emerged from the company’s New Product Development Team led by Dr Mark Gunning.

The Mini-Pellet Press: A two ton manual hydraulic press designed to produce 7mm or smaller pellet dies for transmission spectroscopy or dissolution testing. This press is also available as part of a Basic Solids Pack, pictured below. For more details on this product please go to http://www.specac.com/products/mini-kbr-pellet-press/712

The Mini-Film Maker Kit: For making 15mm diameter thin films at temperatures of up to 250°C for transmission spectroscopy. This product will be particularly useful for polymer applications. For more details on this product please go to http://www.specac.com/products/heated-platens-and-thin-film-makers/mini-film-maker-kit/713

Hazel Hall says, “The two major product launches we carried out at this show are part of our commitment to bring at least three new products to market each year. Innovation is a key strategy that Specac is employing as part of achieving its aggressive volume growth targets. The mini-pellet press and the mini-film mater kit are further examples of Specac’s commitment to provide application solutions to our customers.”


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