Instant Road Repair For Petrol Station Forecourt Potholes All Across Sweden

There are currently almost 4,000 petrol stations across Sweden, and with a population of 9.3 million it is no surprise that potholes on petrol station forecourts are an issue of concern

by Sarah Watkins | Tuesday 13 September 2011

Instarmac Road Repair
Potholes are a nuisance for all. Not only are they unsightly, they can also be dangerous, posing health and safety issues for petrol station owners and often causing damage to car tyres.

Potholes occur as a consequence of the freeze/thaw cycle. Ground freezes over and then becomes warm again, causing cracks to appear. Left unattended, these cracks get bigger and eventually form potholes.

Instant Road Repair is the perfect solution for pothole repair in such areas. Already used in highways, pathways and expressways across the globe, Instant Road Repair is also solving problems in industrial estates, forecourts, car parks and leisure complexes.

Instant Road Repair is suitable for use in hot and cold, wet, sparsely populated, urban and industrial areas and is constantly needed, no matter the time of year, climate or country.

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair offers the benefits of an instant, first time permanent reinstatement, when used with SCJ bitumen cold joint sealer & tack coat, which can be compacted and trafficked immediately. It is simple to use and will stand the test of time even under the most severe weather conditions.

The product is environmentally friendly, and cost and labour effective, as only one visit is needed.

Instarmac currently has over 20 licensees worldwide manufacturing Ultracrete’s Instant Road Repair.

For further information on Instant Road Repair or any of the other products in Ultracrete’s range of highway maintenance products or to become a licensee in your own territory, please contact the Instarmac Group plc


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