Plastic Extruders Laying A Healthy Welcome

As part of a recent refurbishment, Sevenoaks Hospital in Kent has installed Frontrunner Plus entrance matting in the main double lobby entrance, complete with integral logo to welcome visitors

by Gideon Sykes | Thursday 14 April 2011

This small hospital specialises in rehabilitation for patients recovering from illness or injury and aims to help them regain their independence.

Manufactured by Plastic Extruders Ltd, Frontrunner Plus is an ideal choice for this type of application where stringent removal of under shoe dirt is vital for health and hygiene. The high performance matting is manufactured with integral absorbent inserts within a vinyl grid. This unique combination scrapes, cleans and dries shoes and wheelchair wheels while any dirt remaining falls through the grid and is not transferred inside by subsequent visitors thus reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. Its closed spaced open grid construction makes it slip-resistant and heel-proof, as well as being stick and wheel-proof which is particularly important to provide safe and easy access for disabled visitors.

Frontrunner Plus can be trimmed easily on site to fit any shape, such as within revolving doors, between sliding doors or inside matwells. This is an important consideration for this kind of application where the irregularly-shaped walls would have made cutting an aluminium-based mat to fit the space a long and costly process.

Frontrunner Plus forms part of the Frontrunner entrance flooring system and is available in 75 different colour combinations. Its unique flexibility means it will contour over uneven or rough surfaces, while remaining stable underfoot, and is easily lifted for cleaning. The addition of a logo incorporated into the mat adds a personal welcoming touch as well as visual branding. Logos are embedded in integral through colours and designed to avoid wear over the lifetime of the matting.

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