Geo Robson Airport Systems Sales Flying High

Still on cloud nine after scooping four awards at the Sheffield Business Awards, Darnall based Geo Robson & Co (Conveyors) Ltd have had a fantastic first quarter of 2011 within the Airport sector

by Jon Skidmore | Friday 11 March 2011

With the extra anti terrorism security measures that have been implemented by the Airport Authorities, Geo Robson’s Integrated Hold Baggage Screening Systems have proved successful. The process starts at Check In, where the bags are weighed and labelled, and despatched along a series of conveyors heading to the baggage hall. Each bag passes through an X Ray Screening Unit, Robson work with a number of manufacturers worldwide that provide the Screening System X Ray Machines.

The system analyses the bag, multiple sensors and X-Ray sources view the bag from all angles scanning for suspect or illegal items, with the shape and density of each object within the suitcase or bag, comparing them against a database of millions of illegal or dangerous items within a split second allowing the flow of luggage to the aircraft without delay.

Each system has Five Levels of security.

Level One: If a suspect item is found by the scanning system, it is automatically analysed by the system and the State of Art processor decides if the object is a threat.

Level two: If Level 1 detects a suspect area then the image of the bag is routed to an operator, who will investigate the image.

Level Three: A comprehensive check of Level 2 failed bag images using an array of sophisticated algorithms to show the bag or suitcase’s full contents focussing on the suspect item.

Level Four: The passenger is called and reunited with their luggage, and a physical bag search bag is performed.

Level Five: Is a full security alert.

Robson design and manufacture the system to suit each airport layout, using a 3D computer simulation the engineers can integrate the Screening System into the airports existing baggage system ensuring that bottlenecks and hold ups are avoided.

Julian Martin, Robson’s Airport Business Development Manager, attributed the success to Robson’s commitment to quality stating “Robson has built a reputation for robust design and reliable performance throughout the worldwide airport industry, the quality products and award winning manufacturing and high level customer service ensure repeat orders and returning customers time after time”.

Robson’s Baggage Handling and Screening Integration installations are expected to reach £3 million in the first quarter of 2011, with orders received from airports such as Belfast, Jersey, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southend and Aberdeen, which hopefully indicates a busy year ahead for Robson’s and safe journeys for Air Travel passengers.


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