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Biogas AD Plant Equipment To Be Tested By Avalanche Of Food Waste From Panic Buying

AD/Biogas operators will be very soon be looking to their pumps and ancillary equipment for maximum performance – as an avalanche of food waste head... read more >>

Whilst The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Public Health Emergency It Is Also An Economic Emergency

We have never, in peacetime, faced an economic fight like this one... read more >>

Danish Wastewater Plant Opts For Actuator Automation Using CK Centronik Modular Actuators

A Danish wastewater treatment works has moved from manual to automated valve actuation after ordering Rotork CK range electric actuators complete with... read more >>

Best Landia Pumps Needed To Wipe Away New Blockages

Standard sewage treatment pumps are not coping from the onslaught of 'alternative' products that some people have been forced to use due to the shorta... read more >>

Steelcoat System Replaces Failing Pipebridge Protection

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd’s Steelcoat 100/400™ system was recently employed to protect a pipebridge in Stoke-on-Trent where the previous bitumen-b... read more >>

Bunting Joins bvse In Germany

Bunting has joined bvse-Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung (The German Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Disposal)... read more >>

Chai To Benefits Of Landia AD Biogas Digester Mixing System In Thailand

Working closely with its partners, SMART TANK, the installation of Landia’s AD/Biogas mixing system has been completed in Namhong, south west Thaila... read more >>

The Current Outbreak Of Human Coronavirus COVID 19 Is An Ongoing Concern For Public Health Officials Worldwide

Whilst COVID-19 has captured global attention infectious diseases are having an impact all the time, in human, animal and plant disease, usually witho... read more >>

Omex Say Plant Nutrients Work Best Together In Unison

To maximise crop yields a wide spectrum of nutrients needs to be delivered in the right place, at the right time and in the right macro/micro amounts... read more >>

Magnetic Disc Separator From Bunting Processes Beach Sands

Bunting’s latest Magnetic Disc Separator (MDS) is for processing and separating key minerals from a beach sands deposit... read more >>

Rotork Works With New York City Fire Department To Keep The City Safe

The fireboats used by the Marine Division of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) use Rotork’s IQ range of part-turn intelligent electric actuat... read more >>

TALL Group Joins DocuChain To Support Fujitsu In Global Frictionless Trade Initiative

The TALL Group of Companies was DocuChain’s first licensee of Chain of Custody... read more >>

Aeration Tank Organic Overload Resolved By Landia Mixers

The introduction of five Landia mixers has brought about significant improvements to the biological and dewatering processes at the upgraded Wastewate... read more >>

Beautiful Roses Grown In Ecuador Benefited From Applications Of OMEX Sulphomex And OMEX SW8

Why Sulphur plays a vital role...

Biome Makes Waves With Renishaw Additive Manufacturing Expertise

Renishaw, has collaborated with the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in Canada, to produce two ocean turbine parts using additive manufacturing (A... read more >>

GX Environmental Consultancy For Tankered Waste Reception And Tankered Clean Water Filling

For nearly 40 years, GX Environmental has been manufacturing, installing and maintaining monitoring systems for the reception of tankered waste... read more >>

Rotork Electro Hydraulic Actuator Successfully Installed At Spanish Mountain Range Power Plant

A Rotork electro-hydraulic actuator has been installed at an energy generation company’s hydro-electric plant in the heart of a Spanish mountain ran... read more >>

Omex Agrifluids Beating Banana Disease With Plant Nutrition

Increasing volumes of innovative and interesting trials data / circumstantial evidence suggest a plant nutrition dimension can help manage Black Sigat... read more >>

Renishaw Announces Completion Of Main Part Of Multi Centre Clinical Trial For The Treatment Of Parkinsons Disease Patients

Renishaw, announces that its award-winning intraparenchymal drug delivery device, has played a critical role in a joint Phase 1-2 clinical study with ... read more >>

Morris Site Machinery Celebrates Solar Appreciation Day

Rise and shine, it’s time to celebrate Solar Appreciation Day (2nd Friday of March) and throw light on the benefits of solar energy... read more >>

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