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K-TORK Pneumatic Actuators Used In Biggest Planned Ultrafiltration Retrofit In US History

Over 300 Rotork K-TORK pneumatic vane actuators have been installed at one of Florida's largest low-pressure ultrafiltration (UF) membrane plants... read more >>

Handheld Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance Tester TWR-H For Transformer Testing

Today's transformer test engineers are yearning for field test equipment that is light and easily portable... read more >>

Phoenix And Landia Fix The Mix At Leachate Lagoon

Landia aerators are playing an important role in the success of Yorwaste's Harewood Whin Leachate Treatment plant, which has been extensively upgraded... read more >>

Cygnus Thickness Gauges Stand The Test Of Time

Cygnus Instruments has been manufacturing high quality ultrasonic testing equipment for over 35 years... read more >>

New Adjustable Height CUBE Trolley From Wardray Premise

Wardray Premise have received positive feedback and a flurry of orders from mobile units concerning their new adjustable height CUBE trolley (MR5505)... read more >>

Hundreds Of Rotork Actuators To Be Used On Southern Indian Pipeline

More than 300 Rotork actuators have been specified for use on an Indian pipeline almost 700 km in length... read more >>

Lockdown For Landia Opens Door To Online Commissioning And eServices

Concerned but unfazed by the Coronavirus lockdown, Landia reports significant cost and environmental benefits from new online commissioning of its pum... read more >>

New ElectroStatic Separator From Bunting

The launch of the new Bunting ElectroStatic Separator is in response to enhanced material separation requirements in the recycling, plastics and miner... read more >>

Addfield Providing Sustainable Medical Waste Disposal In The Ivory Coast

Just two years after their initial project in the Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) was completed Addfield has once again been commissioned to deliver more ... read more >>

State Of The Art Battery Testing And Monitoring Solutions From Drallim

Batteries are crucial components in the overall reliability of powerplants, substations, telecommunication systems, generator excitation systems and p... read more >>

Cygnus 1 IS Gauge Certified To IECEX - Accepted Internationally

Cygnus Instruments is proud to announce that the Cygnus 1 IS Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge now has IECEx Zone 0 Certification... read more >>

TALL Group Outthinking The Lockdown For Students In Africa

A pioneering digital learning platform has been introduced by leading security print and solutions specialists the TALL Group, allowing University stu... read more >>

Geotech G210 Gas Analyser To Support New NHS Nightingale Hospital

The new NHS Nightingale Hospital recently opened in Harrogate has deployed QED Environmental Systems’ Geotech G210 gas analyser... read more >>

SeaShield 2000FD From Winn Coales Protects Tiree Pierhead

George Leslie Ltd were recently awarded the contract for refurbishment works on the Tiree Pierhead on the Island of Tiree... read more >>

Landia Keep Pumping With Online Meetings With Three Continents In The Same Day

With global business travel looking so uncertain for the foreseeable future, a leading pump and mixer manufacturer says it is seeing considerable time... read more >>

Panks for the Partnership with Borger Pumps

To enhance the turnkey solutions that it provides to its growing customer base, Borger has created a new partnership with long-established engineering... read more >>

For Food Factory Wastewater The CAP Fits For Landia Pumps And Mixers

FLI CAP Technology design and deliver a comprehensive range of process technologies for wastewater treatment... read more >>

Pay As You Sense From Sensor Technology

Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects... read more >>

Addfield Environmental Systems Challenging Medical Waste Across Cambodia

Cambodia like many developing countries is facing a crisis caused by a rapidly growing population and the amount of medical waste that is being create... read more >>

Two New Permanent Overband Magnet Models From Bunting

Bunting has added two new models to their popular and highly successful range of Permanent Overband Magnets... read more >>

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