A Game Of Risk By Wickham Laboratories Published By European Pharmaceutical Review

Wickham Laboratories is pleased to announce publication of their latest article ‘A Game of Risk’, which covers the challenges faced in aseptic processing. An excerpt of this as follows

by UK Export News | Tuesday 10 November 2020

Although we may not realise it, every single person in the world could be affected by the use of sterile products.

This may include the use of needles to inject vaccines, administering lifesaving prescription drugs such as Insulin or Epinephrine or in a hopefully rare, but very real situation for 2020, the insertion of a ventilator tube to enable a patient suffering from Covid-19 to breathe.

If you are interested in reading more, this article is now available to view on European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer digital magazine (page 24-25). See https://tinyurl.com/y2bdw2k8

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