Two Decades On More Beefy Landia Bombas For Mexico

In Mexico, twenty years on since purchasing their first equipment from Landia, the same customer has placed a new order for 20 submersible mixers and chopper pumps

by Paul Davies | Monday 20 April 2020

The mixers will be working in the process tanks of two WWTP’s in Atequiza – whilst the chopper pumps will be recirculating digester sludge every four hours.

Located close to Mexico’s largest freshwater lake, Lago de Chapala, which is the principal water source for the nearby city of Guadalajara, the treatment plant will benefit from significantly reduced maintenance and energy costs from the Landia equipment, as well as improved efficiencies.

The submersible Landia mixers are all of the IE2 type with high-efficiency motors, whilst the chopper pump, invented by Landia, is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2020.


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Monday 20 April 2020 / file under Engineering | Wastewater | Water