Morris Site Machinery Celebrates Solar Appreciation Day

Rise and shine, it’s time to celebrate Solar Appreciation Day (2nd Friday of March) and throw light on the benefits of solar energy

by Drew Schofield | Tuesday 10 March 2020

Innovative Morris Site Machinery was the first British company to produce solar powered lighting towers. The company continues to refine its models to provide sustainable solutions for the hire industry.

Its solar lights are sold worldwide and a new hybrid prototype unveiled to the trade is generating interest. The prototype’s environmentally-friendly hydrogen fuel cell emits no pollutants and provides an additional energy source to charge the batteries as required, during long winter nights and adverse weather.

Here are good reasons to love Morris Site Machinery’s solar lighting towers -

• Renewable energies are a better, sustainable choice for the environment
• They produce zero emissions
• There is zero noise
• They can run indefinitely
• They are low maintenance
• They are reliable, robust and built to perform

With so many benefits, it’s something to celebrate on Solar Appreciation Day.


Phil Winnington
Morris Site Machinery
+44 1902 790824

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