Filtration And Humidification Range From Intersurgical

The Intersurgical breathing filter, HME and HMEF range provides an effective barrier that prevents cross contamination between patients, respiratory equipment and the clinical environment

by Kirsty Nolan | Sunday 1 March 2020

We provide a choice of electrostatic and pleated mechanical filters that have been independently tested and proven to be highly efficient, providing trusted protection against bacterial and viral cross contamination. This is the only way to assess the level of protection provided.

Our range of HMEs and HMEFs include foam or corrugated paper in combination with a filter pad to optimise the heat and humidity of inspired gases within anaesthesia, intensive care and home care environments.

Our range of respiratory device filters help protect and maintain the equipment used in the care of patients with a chronic respiratory condition. We can provide a filtration solution for the majority of CPAP, bilevel devices, oxygen concentrators and suction devices commonly found in clinical use.

To support our extensive range we have developed a new web page providing detailed information on our filtration and humidification products, including how they work, their features and benefits, a glossary of key terms and an enquiry button.

View the product range, visit our filtration and humidification landing page or contact us for further information:


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