A High Power Laser In A Compact Platform From Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum, A Novanta Company, is now offering key wavelengths for super resolution microscopy; including 473, 532, 561 and 640nm amongst others

by Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane | Saturday 28 December 2019

With all wavelengths available at 500 mW or more, the gem range of lasers can excite a variety of fluorophores and deliver maximum power to the sample, supporting wide-field illumination and sharper images.

The gem 640, the newest product to the gem family, launching at Photonics West, offers up to 500 mW red light in a compact platform for easy OEM integration. The gem range has an M2 close to unity and can support direct fibre coupling solutions.


Julien Clavereau
Laser Quantum UK Ltd
+44 161 975 5300

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