Groundbreaking Product Helps Tackle Water Contamination From GX Environmental

A collaboration between two British companies is helping combat water contamination

by Claire Banks | Monday 16 December 2019

Design engineering consultancy GX has worked with Modern Water to devise an online analytical toxicity machine using bioluminescent technology to monitor water contamination.

The instrument, the Microtox Continuous Toxicity Monitor, was designed as a standalone product, all of which are custom built by GX then exported to Asia. This is the first online analytical toxicity instrument to be developed. By monitoring the amount of light emitted by the bacteria in constant samples of water it can detect contamination and provide a real-time warning.

“We are absolutely delighted that one of the products we devised has been so successful,” acknowledges Mark Helmich, managing director of GX. “The Microtox CTM is a great example of how our product development team all work in conjunction, each bringing a different expertise to ensure we can turn a brilliant idea into a commercial reality.”


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