Metal Recovery Technology From Bunting At Ecomondo 2019

Technology to recover ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metal from waste and secondary materials is the focus on stand A2 008 at the green technology expo Ecomondo 2019

by Paul Fears | Wednesday 23 October 2019

Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators and metal detectors for the recycling industry. The Bunting European manufacturing facilities for their wide range of metal separation and detection equipment are in Redditch, just outside Birmingham, and Berkhamsted, both in the United Kingdom.

“Reusing waste material is only possible after segregation and separation,” explained Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European Managing Director. “Our focus is designing, developing and manufacturing equipment that efficiently separates and recovers metals.”

The Bunting product portfolio is extensive, providing separation solutions for a wide range of applications. Ferrous metals are separated and recovered using one of a number of designs of Magnetic Separator.

“Magnetic separation technology is present in most recycling operations,” explained Simon. “However, understanding the separation objective enables selection of the most effective design. Maximising recovery may be the objective for one recycling operation, whereas the purity of the recovered metal may be key for another.”

The extensive Magnetic Separator portfolio means that Bunting is able to provide unique ferrous metal separation solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, Drum Magnets, Overband Magnets (both electro and permanent) and Pulley Magnets.

Non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium and copper, are recovered using Eddy Current Separators. The Bunting range of Eddy Current Separators include both concentric and eccentric rotor designs. With an increasing interest in reworking old waste tips, the Mobile Eddy Current Separator is particularly popular.

“Bunting has Eddy Current Separator designs that date back to the early 1990s,” said Simon. “Over nearly three decades, we have been able to modify the design to maximise separation performance and minimise maintenance.”

The separation of stainless-steel is a common problem and at Ecomondo Bunting will show new magnetic technology that enables recovery. The Stainless Steel Separation Conveyor (SSSC) and the High Intensity Separation Conveyor (HISC) handle different size fractions of material.


Simon Ayling
Bunting - Berkhamsted
+44 1442 875081

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