Quality Control On Wallpaper Coating Machines From Rheintacho

The company ADFORS belongs to the Saint-Gobain Group, the largest supplier of materials and building technologies worldwide

by Melanie Nubling | Tuesday 24 September 2019

ADFORS focuses on the construction and industrial markets and offers solutions based on a complete assortment of textile and coating technologies using synthetic and natural fibres. They are the global market leader in the field of technical textiles and provide solutions which have been precisely adapted to customer requirements.

Application/ Task:

During quality control on wallpaper coating machines for glass-textile wallpaper, it is necessary to control the straight- ness of the wefts at an average of once per hour.

The frequency should be adjusted using a potentiometer as the machine speed can vary between 12-40m/min.

The web width which has to be illuminated is two meters.

Solution/ Result:

The decision was made to use the stationary stroboscope RT STROBE 12000 LED (A6-12210). At a distance of 60cm, the whole web width of two meters can be inspected.

Offset weft threads are checked online using the stroboscope at a speed up to 40m/min. In the past, to inspect this offset, the machine speed had to be reduced which led to a loss of production. It is now possible to carry out the inspection at full speed.


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