Borger And Smart Storm Unite To Defeat FOG

Smart Storm have become official distributors of Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps for wastewater applications, particularly in the recovery of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG)

by David Brown | Thursday 19 September 2019

This new partnership brings together a wealth of experience from two leading companies that provide long-lasting pumping, pollution prevention and monitoring solutions – not just for the municipal market, but across numerous industries.

David Brown, Börger UK’s Managing Director, commented: “Our Rotary Lobe Pumps work seamlessly with the innovative Greasebuster skimmer from Smart Storm, who like us, are committed to excellence in product quality and performance. This is a very positive new agreement”.

Laurence Dowson, Project Manager for Smart Storm, added: “Börger’s track record in pumping speaks for itself, so by working together we are providing significant added value to those customers who are dealing with tricky FOG applications”.

With very little head loss and excellent suction lift, Börger’s pumps operate in the most aggressive and difficult environments, ranging from wastewater treatment works to applications involving food, adhesives, paints and chemicals.

Smart Storm are already working closely with the food processing industry to treat FOG before discharge, reducing effluent bills and preventing blockages in the sewage network. The Greasebuster combines the innovation of fat and oil skimmers by using hydrophobic belts to attract FOG, but reject water. It also complements Smart Storm’s range of advanced wastewater monitoring instrumentation - and follows 25 years as an expert solutions provider.


David Brown
Borger UK Limited
+44 1902 798977

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