Naylor Drainage Team Joins Beach Clean

On Sunday 1 September, members of Barnsley based Naylor Drainage met with volunteers from Waves of Waste and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for a beach clean in Filey

by Liz Hudston | Saturday 7 September 2019

The two beach cleans started at 11am with a 100 metre audit. Once complete, the volunteers were off- armed with litter pickers and recycled bags.
In total, an impressive 21.75kg of litter was collected within the two hours. Considering most of the waste comprised lightweight items- small pieces of plastic, cigarette butts and foam- 21.75kg adds up to a lot of waste.

The litter picking concluded with some seaside fish and chips - with all containers being disposed of responsibly!

Naylor are planning to support future Waves of Waste/Yorkshire Wildlife Trust volunteering initiatives; those wanting to join them should contact or


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