Photothermal Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy Of Gold Nanoparticles In Solution And On Live Cells

The VENTUS 532 is used as the excitation laser within the photothermal confocal microscope set-up

by Jennifer Szczepaniak Sloane | Thursday 29 August 2019

In the experiment, the technique used, Raster image correlation spectroscopy (RICS), enables observation of a greater area of a biological system through measuring the diffusion of fluorescently labelled molecules from stacks of confocal microscopy images.

Utilising gold nanoparticles prevents photobleaching, so that cells can be viewed for a longer time period.

The ventus 532 provides the correct wavelength for excitation of gold nanoparticles and is a scientific laser with high specifications. It offers power up to 1.5 W, noise <0.15% RMS and power stability of <0.4% RMS within a rugged design, perfect for spectroscopy applications.

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