Nickel Electro Make Changes To Improve Order Lead Times

We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves In order to better serve our customers and users of our product range

by Daniel Norman | Wednesday 31 July 2019

We have been thankful for some of the feedback we have received and been working around the clock and implemented some changes to our workflow.

We understand that short lead times are vital for business and at
Nickel-Electro Ltd we have put measures in place to further reduce these on our popular products.

With all our water baths being made here in the United Kingdom with the highest standards, we can better control the lead times and cost.

Also In order to provide a quick turnaround, we have invested in additional manufacturing equipment to enhance our entire production process from design to manufacture, giving our customers short lead times without compromising on the product quality.

We understand that many customers want their products as soon as possible and we have been working to have many of our more popular products now in stock and ready to be sent out for delivery on acknowledgment of order.


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Nickel-Electro Ltd
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