Fan Speed Measurement And Inspection Tachometer Control With Portable Stroboscope From Rheintacho

When measuring the wheel rotational speed, it is important to calibrate the tachometer or prove that the determined maximum speed is reached

by Melanie Nubling | Tuesday 30 July 2019

When measuring the ventilator rotational speed, it is crucial to balance and control the hydraulically driven ventilators. On electrical ventilators, it is important to document the new status, in order to be able to analyse too high temperatures in the field at later times.

In both cases, the problem of recognizing the old reflector label by the service technician is a problem which sometimes occurs. They then would fix a second marker and mistakenly measure both labels. Due to the redundant measured value determination from tachometer and stroboscope functions, such measurement errors could be detected and avoided.

Solution / Result:
Since with speed-controlled fan systems a continuous change in the number of revolutions occurs, a permanent readjustment of the stroboscope would be necessary. With the auto-sync laser function, the device automatically adjusts itself to the current speed by recognizing the reflective tape. This measurement task is hence solved optimally.


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