GEMCO Equipment Have Recently Fitted A Range Of Bradbury MOT Equipment At Oslo Court Garage In London

James Arrowsmith from GEMCO’s marketing department met Garage owner Walid to find out the key reasons for deciding on equipment and the key reasons for choosing GEMCO

by James Arrowsmith | Tuesday 11 June 2019

Oslo Court Garage owner Walid states “Being a family run business, we understand the importance of trust, reliability and providing a friendly, professional service. We know we can tick all the boxes when it comes to customer care, to encourage customer loyalty and a happy customer base. Which is why we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied and happy to come back to us for your future motoring needs for years to come.

“At Oslo Court Garage, customer service has been at the core of everything we’ve been doing for the past 40 years. We care as much about your vehicle as you do. That’s why we aim to provide reliable, competitively priced services and repairs carried out by experts.”

Walid continues “Of course, throughout our history we’ve learnt a lot and moved with the times. We like to think we know everything there is to know about every type of vehicle, but, at the same time, we also understand drivers and the service they expect from a garage and the mechanics that look after their vehicles.” Since 1980 Oslo Court’s Garage is a recognised specialist in Rolls Royce and Bentley, although they work on all vehicles.

“With a strong customer focus at the heart of what Oslo Court Garage do, it’s essential that as a garage we keep up with customers needs and invest in new garage equipment that we can rely on.”

In my years as a mechanic I have had Bradbury garage equipment from vehicle lifts through to brake testers. When it came to purchasing new equipment for my garage. I knew I wanted Bradbury equipment, after googling Bradbury I was put through to my local sales representative ‘Chris Allen’ I was impressed by his speedy response and efficiency during the initial site visit.

When it came to choosing new MOT equipment the main obstacle we faced was space,
due to our site originating as an underground World War II bunker back in the 1930s. London is home to a number of sites that were previously bunkers in World War II, with the most famous being the not so secret museum The Churchill War Rooms.

History was made in Churchill War Rooms – an underground bunker that allowed Britain’s leaders to plot the allied route to victory during the Second World War. Walk the labyrinth of rooms and corridors that stretch below Westminster that sheltered Winston Churchill and his war cabinet from the German bombing raids, and explore the Churchill museum to learn the story of his life and legacy. (Source:

Walid stated Height restrictions meant that we can’t have vehicle lifts in our garage, therefore a Class 4 pit was the best option for us.” In addition to the Class 4 pit GEMCO fitted a Bradbury 1040S ATL Class 4 Brake Tester (Including integrated Bradbury BRADCOMBI Combined Emissions Analyser), a Bradbury Pneumatic Pit Play Detector, a Bradbury BJB15RDE Jacking Beam, a GEMCO Litecheck6DL Headlamp Aligner with laser and 3m rails, a MOTMIRRORS Pair of Convex MOT mirrors, a PDATL Pedal Depressor, a BRMOTPACK1 B – Bradbury branded complete MOT starter pack wth tool board, signage, brake meter, trailer soccer tester, leak detection etc.

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