QED Announces The Arrival Of The New En Core Soil Sampler For The Global Market

QED Environmental Systems, a leading international environmental sampling equipment manufacturer, announces the launch of its new En Core Soil Sampler available via its worldwide distributor network

by Helen Tipton | Wednesday 3 April 2019

As with other products in QED’s renowned and widely used soil sampling product line, the En Core sampler is an easy-to-use device, designed to collect, store and deliver soil samples to the laboratory without contamination.

The sampler uses an airtight design to prevent loss of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Contamination of the sample is prevented via the unique VOC-proof zip-seal bag that doubles as the sample shipment container.

In addition to being easy to use, the En Core Sampler avoids many of the problems associated with historical VOC soil collection methods such as bulk sampling without sample preservation and field preservation sampling that requires methanol and sodium bisulphate preservation.

En Core samples are prepared in the laboratory rather than in the field, thereby assuring a more consistent and accurate analysis and result.

David Kaminski, Senior Vice President at QED, said: “The En Core Sampler is the flagship product in our range of high spec soil sampling products, designed to provide the most accurate soil VOC samples in an easy-to-use single-use tool. With a minimal amount of training, it requires much less time for sample collection, in turn enabling more samples to be gathered during the day when compared to other sampling methods.”

The En Core Sampler is the best alternative to field preservation and is the only commercially available sample listed in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Method 5035A, the most widely recognized standard for soil VOC sample collection and analysis. Available in 5 and 25 gram sizes, the sample and container meet ASTM D4547 requirements for VOC retention during the permitted hold time.

Other key features of the product include no handling of preservative in the field, no shipping restrictions, a long shelf-life with no expiration and shipping of samples to the lab via a proprietary VOC-proof bag.

The En Core Sampler is now available from QED’s network of distributors across Europe, Asia and Australia.


Helen Tipton
QED Environmental Systems Ltd
+44 333 800 0088

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