QED Launches Award Winning Snap Sampler Range To Worldwide Distributor Network

QED Environmental Systems, has recently announced the launch of its award-winning Snap Sampler passive groundwater sampling system to its global distributor network

by Aamina Mohamed | Saturday 30 March 2019

QED Snap Sampler
The product line, which was added into QED’s ground water sampling range in 2018, will now be available to purchase through the brand’s network of distributors across America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Snap Sampler is designed to provide users with the highest sample accuracy while also reducing sampling programme costs. It uses an innovative double-ended bottle design with ‘snap’ sealing caps, which capture a sample under in-situ conditions using a simple mechanical or pneumatic trigger at the surface.

Sample integrity is maintained from the well to the laboratory under in-situ conditions, while well purging and purge water management is eliminated, greatly reducing programme costs. The Snap Sampler has been awarded the US National Ground Water Association’s prestigious Equipment Design Award recognising its safety, efficiency and ease of operation.

“QED is pleased to be able to offer the Snap Sampler technology to our customers through our global distributor network,” says David Kaminski, Senior Vice President of QED and Product Manager for its full line of Ground Water and Soil Sampling products. “The Snap Sampler provides the highest quality passive samples for the widest range of applications while saving valuable field time. It’s the best fit with our proven line of groundwater sampling pump systems that have been used for over 35 years.”

For more information on QED’s distributor network and access to the Snap Sampler® please visit https://www.geotechuk.com/products/qed-snap-sampler/


Helen Tipton
QED Environmental Systems Ltd
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