Vitcas Has A Cutting Edge Online Shop For Heat Proof Cements Sealants And Adhesives

Vitcas has an easy-to-use, cutting edge online shop targeted at international consumers

by Victoria Meller | Tuesday 19 March 2019

It includes the full Vitcas range of products from outdoor, wood fired, pizza and bread ovens, fire bricks, heat proof materials such as cements, sealants and adhesives, plumbing materials, insulation materials, to high temperature textiles such as thermal ropes and sewing threads.

These products can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications such as railways, automotive industry, glass and ceramics, boats and barges, and fire protection. Similarly there is a range of domestic applications such as the construction and maintenance of fireplaces, construction of fire pits, tandoori ovens and cassette stoves, building and insulating wood fired, pizza and bread ovens.

The shop’s website also includes an FAQ section, a useful quantity calculator, and a comprehensive blog.

What is most interesting about the blog is that it includes a range of stories which are regularly being posted, which put their products and their use into a more everyday context without using technical jargon. It explains them and their application in a customer-friendly way, to help you gain insight on how you can apply them in your life. Not to mention, it is highly effective with a possibility to place an order 24/7.

This shop will hopefully make the experience of shopping at Vitcas more efficient and appealing to customers worldwide.



Edward Shaw
Vitcas Limited
+44 117 911 7895

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