Top Up Mate Launched To Keep You And Your Customers Warm This Winter

Top Up Mate, from UK manufacturers Flowflex Components Ltd, is a mechanical device which keeps domestic pressurised heating systems topped up to the required pressure

by Daniel Jones | Tuesday 15 January 2019

Pressure loss leads to unexpected system shut downs and ultimately an unscheduled call out.

Top Up Mate, which is WRAS approved, automatically prevents the system from shutting down due to low pressure ending the need for call outs which are costly and time consuming to both the home owner and engineers.

Fully mechanical requiring no batteries or electrical supply, Top Up Mate is supplied pre-set & factory sealed meaning it can be easily installed, with no changes to existing pipework, in under 5 minutes making it suitable for DIY installation.

Once installed Top Up Mate requires no operating maintenance, when the pressure drops to 0.5 bar the Top Up Mate will gently top up the heating system and automatically restore the correct operating pressure.

As well as restoring the correct operating pressure the Top Up Mate offers Flood protection, by isolating the mains inlet, and allows you to easily bleed radiators, topping up the system as you release trapped air.


Paul Niklas
Flowflex Components Ltd
+44 1298 77211

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