Borger Pump Passes Acid Test At Amine Recycling Plant

At an amine recycling plant, a Borger Rotary Lobe Pump has been introduced to add sulphuric acid to an important neutralising process

by David Brown | Sunday 13 January 2019

This new Borger pump has replaced a screw pump that had reoccurring problems with its sealing system.

A sodium sulphate solution (created by the reaction between caustic soda and the sulphuric acid contained in the amine sulphate) is pumped to one of two storage tanks – with sulphuric acid mixed in on the suction side until the solution reaches a pH value of 7.

With air quality control requirements of high importance, the plant specified that the Borger Rotary Lobe Pump be set to 8 bar. If the pressure drops below 5 bar, a pressure switch turns off the system. The medium pressure is restricted to a maximum of 3 bar by a pressure transducer, which ensures a minimum barrier pressure of 2 bar above feeding pressure.


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