Borger Pump Cleans Up At Liquid Detergent Manufacturer

At a 24/7 oleochemicals and additives plant, a Borger Rotary Lobe Pump has replaced a rotary piston pump that had cavitation problems at high speed, causing severe vibration

by David Brown | Friday 23 November 2018

Failing mechanical seals of this piston model had resulted in complete, costly shutdowns of the plant.

Used in the process of, the new Borger pump is now transferring a 120–130°C mixture of vegetable/animal fat and caustic soda to a reactor.

Benefitting from double-acting seal faces, which are pressurized via a thermosyphon system, the Borger pump is also fitted with a steam heating cover that keeps the medium at its optimum temperature.

Since its installation, the Borger pump has successfully circulated the medium in the reactor until a complete reaction has taken place – without any breakdowns whatsoever.


David Brown
Borger UK Limited
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