Russell Finex Supporting Water Crisis Charity

Sieving and filtration equipment manufacturer begins partnership with WATERisLIFE as filter straws are donated to projects in Costa Rica and Haiti

by Darren Ralphs | Sunday 3 June 2018

June 2018 sees the start of a new charity partnership for Russell Finex, as the company makes its first contribution to WATERisLIFE, a charity fighting the global water crisis. Russell Finex’s first donation will support safe water projects in Costa Rica and Haiti.

A team of WATERisLIFE volunteers will depart for Costa Rica and Haiti as the charity continues to deliver personal water filters to communities with limited access to safe water. Industrial sieves and filters manufacturer Russell Finex has donated 800 CleanSip water filter straws towards the project, which will provide communities with a method of drinking water safely without the risk of waterborne diseases.

These filter straws act as a portable water purifier, which can be used in any water source to provide clean and safe drinking water. The user places the end of the filter into the water source and sucks as they would on a regular straw. The filter can clean more than 800 litres of water, which on average lasts around one year. These are the first step in providing families with a sustainable clean water source. The filters are for intervening and providing emergency filtration, whilst the project team evaluates additional pure water source options and, within a year, will develop a sustainable, integrated sanitation plan.

WATERisLIFE is dedicated to making an impact on the world water crisis by utilizing this integrated program to transform entire villages. Of the 10,000 people that die each day due to water-related illness, 90% are children, and WATERisLIFE is devoted to reducing this statistic with its community programs. The charity’s goal by 2020 is to provide an additional 1 billion people with safe drinking water.

With a history of over 80 years in manufacturing industrial sieving and filtration equipment, Russell Finex felt WATERisLIFE’s filter straws initiative was a fitting cause to support. Ray Singh, Russell Finex Managing Director, said, “We appreciate how important it is to support the global community and those less fortunate than ourselves. Water is a basic part of our lives, which millions of people do not have safe access to. By supporting WATERisLIFE, we hope to raise awareness of this basic need, and provide communities with clean drinking water. We also hope to support further projects in the future.”


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