Russell Finex Sieve Still Going Strong

Super Finex vibratory screener in its sixth decade of operation at leading Australian meat processing firm

by Darren Ralphs | Friday 18 May 2018

As the global food and beverage industry continues to grow, manufacturers are seeking ways to optimize their production lines, whilst keeping costs low. One of the most important factors in managing production costs is maintaining existing equipment, and ensuring machines consistently perform to the required standard. Investing in high-quality, durable equipment is key to this.

One long-established Australian meat exporter has relied upon one item of Russell Finex equipment for over 50 years in its process line. At its beef processing plant, the food manufacturer uses a Super Finex sieve to screen a dried beef granule product. Manufactured in 1968, this robust vibratory sieve has been operational throughout six decades, relied upon to provide a high-performance solution to food production, whilst withstanding the rigours of daily use. Russell Finex machines are built to last, and this specific model is testament to that.

A ground-breaking machine when first introduced in 1949, the Super Finex was developed to provide high-capacity sieving for a range of applications. It proved very popular, and provided the inspiration behind the company name, changed in 1970 from Russell Constructions Ltd to Russell Finex Ltd.

Renowned for fine sieving excellence, ‘fine’ and ‘ex’ provided a catchy name for the release of the Super Finex. At the time, this pioneering piece of equipment had the largest screen size of any standalone sieving unit, and combined with Russell’s innovative gyratory motion, had unparalleled performance for such a compact sieving machine.

With the introduction of new technologies and manufacturing methods since, the Super Finex has effectively evolved into what is now the Russell Compact Sieve®.

At their respective moments in time, both offered innovative, leading solutions to high-capacity safety screening.

As a global leader, Russell Finex prides itself in offering the widest range of industrial sieving and filtration equipment on the market. Established in 1934, Russell Finex has vast experience in providing innovative separation equipment to the food industry. A global network of sales engineers, agents, distributors and after sales support staff ensure customers have access to expert service, from the UK to Australia.


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