DART Aerospace Has Appointed Drallim Industries

DART Aerospace has appointed Drallim Industries as an approved Repair and Overhaul centre for their C-Series Cargo Hooks and Rotary Contact Swivels

by Sarah Foreman | Sunday 6 May 2018

An agreement was recently signed between the two organisations and covers all remote cargo hook and swivels operational in Europe, Middle East and Russia.

With this agreement in place, customers can now get OEM-approved servicing without transatlantic shipping, thus improving costs and turn-around times.

Drallim Industries specialises in cargo equipment and DART trusts that Drallim's dedicated customer support team will excel at maintaining the original performance parameters of its products.


Phil Wilson
Drallim Industries Ltd
+44 1424 205140

Sunday 6 May 2018 / file under Aerospace | Engineering