New Style Uniball Tumbler Mixer From Machines 4 Food

New style offered to suit 240/380/415 volt supply with Capacity of 225 litres and 316 stainless steel drum

by Mike Pinner | Sunday 6 May 2018

The machines have been sold to client using a range of different products as coating vegetables in oil, mixing medical powders, Bakery recipes, flapjack mix, mixing different nut types, marinating meat with sauces, mixing coffee beans, food ingredients, coating olives in flavours, flavours on nuts.

Machine details

New Machines 4 Food Tumbler Mixer
Model Uniball 225 Mixer Tumbler
All stainless steel construction
Capacity 225 litres, load capacity 60 kg to 100 Kg,
Drum made in 316 stainless steel
760 mm inside diameter x 700 mm deep
With inner blades to assist product roll
Variable speed from 12 rpm to 24 rpm
Motor gearbox drive 1.1 Kw
Electric tipping discharge by motor gearbox
Motor gearbox drive 0.12 kw
Electric options 230/380/415 volts 50 Hz
Electrical controls mounted in IP 65 stainless steel control box
Mounted on stainless steel wheels, includes lid
Discharge height to suit a standard 200 litre tote bin
Overall length 1.6 metres x width 1.25 metres x height 1.8 metres
12 months warranty


Mike Pinner
Machines 4 Food Ltd
+44 1761 410345

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