Magnificent Seven For Landia Chopper Pumps In Azerbaijan

Installed in open lagoons prone to all sorts of unwanted solids, two Landia Chopper Pumps have completed seven years of uninterrupted service at oil refineries in Azerbaijan

by Paul Davies | Tuesday 27 March 2018

During that time no spare parts were required.

Supplied to leading engineering company KaspianLab Ltd (based in Baku), the DG-I pumps from Landia empty lagoons at state oil refineries, where 20 m³/h (approx.) head is required to pump sludge up to a vibrating screen.

Elmaddin Ahmadov, General Manager at KaspianLab Ltd, commented: “We have been using the Landia pumps since 2011 but we’ve never had to order spare parts. It is a tough application, but everything is perfect. The pumps’ mechanical seals and bearings are clearly built to last. Not a single new bolt or nut has been needed. We are absolutely happy about this”.

Suspended from a crane and pumping through a hose with a length of 20-25m, the Landia Chopper Pumps handle sludge with a viscosity of around 50 cP (centipoise) from the lagoons which have variable depths from 1m to 4m.


Paul Davies
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