Industrial Filter For Emulsion Paint From Russell Finex

Industrial filter provides robust and reliable inline filtration system for Flexcrete’s new hygienic liquid paints

by Darren Ralphs | Sunday 25 March 2018

Since 1983, Flexcrete has been setting industry standards for high-quality coatings and technical mortar solutions for a worldwide customer base. The company offers a wide range of coatings solutions for small cosmetic repairs to major construction and infrastructure projects.

Due to global expansion, customer demand increased for its liquid emulsion products, which prompted Flexcrete to invest in a filtration solution that would not only help to increase production rates but also to enhance product quality.

At Flexcrete’s factory in Leyland, new developments in hygienic liquid emulsions required a more stringent filtration process to ensure the highest product quality. Flexcrete approached Russell Finex for a solution to filtering liquid emulsion paint.

After an initial consultation, Flexcrete was confident that the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® could meet its specific filtration requirements and a trial was arranged. John Morphet, Senior Materials Engineer commented, "The trial was arranged at our manufacturing facilities very quickly which enabled us to test it with our whole process line for proof of concept”.

The process begins with pigments and thickening solutions being added to raw materials, which is then thoroughly mixed. The liquid emulsion is then pumped through the self-cleaning filter to remove all foreign impurities, such as dried pieces of coagulated or unmixed paint. After the paint has been filtered the emulsion is decanted into containers. “Due to our short lead times, it was important the filtration process did not slow down manufacture of the paint. The Russell Eco Filter will achieve this and even allow us to increase production rates as we expand,” commented Morphet.

With the filter meeting the throughput rates of the process, Flexcrete installed a Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. “We chose the EF603 model from Russell Finex due to its straight through design allowing the unit to be easily installed without disrupting any existing pipe work. It is also extremely easy for operators to strip down and clean the filter between color batches, minimizing production downtime,” explains Morphet.

Compared to other industrial paint filters which use consumable filter bags or cartridges, the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® utilizes a unique self-cleaning system along with a stainless steel mesh screen, offering significantly enhanced throughput rates whilst reducing blockages and waste.

“The Russell in-line filter fulfils the need of our liquid emulsions business, and offers a very high throughput rate which helps us maintain our short lead time and quick delivery of our product” concluded Morphet.

For over 80 years Russell Finex has been manufacturing and suppling sieves, filters and separators to improve product quality, enhance productivity, safeguard worker health, and ensure liquids and powders are contamination-free. Throughout the world, Russell Finex serve a variety of industries with applications including paints and coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, metal powders and ceramics.

To watch the full Flexcrete filtration system in action, watch this video.

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