British Engineered Bespoke Solutions From Flowflex

Flowflex, manufacturing British OEM products for partners across the world

by Daniel Jones | Sunday 18 March 2018

With many decades of technical expertise and experience, Flowflex has a dedicated design team which works closely with customers to develop bespoke components to meet their needs. An unrivalled combination of engineering excellence and innovative approaches enables Flowflex to deliver best-of-class solutions.

With in-house testing and manufacturing capabilities, Flowflex are able to develop prototypes quickly and efficiently and then manufacture to tight deadlines.

Producing one off samples & small productions runs enables Flowflex to review and enhance projects before mass production. Customers are supported at each stage of product development as Solid work models and CAD drawings can be produced.

Distributing to businesses across the world, Flowflex OEM products deliver British Engineering know-how alongside the highest standards of production.

Manufacturing capabilities include 200T Cored hot press stamping, precision straight component stamping, multi-spindle Wickman machining, and 3-way component machining. Alongside these capabilities we have an expert department dedicated to ensuring we have the best quality control of all processes and products, advanced testing facilities include:

• ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report)
• PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
• Coordinate Measuring Machine
• Shadowgraphs
• Profile Tracing
• Hardness Testing
• Surface (Ra) Testing
• Certificate of Conformity

Further information about our OEM Range can be found on Flowflex’s newly launched website:


Paul Niklas
Flowflex Components Ltd
+44 1298 77211

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