Fast Crop Sensing With Bluetooth From Martin Lishman

Martin Lishman have launched an instant crop temperature sensor as an upgrade to its popular Minitemp temperature monitor

by Matt Swinn | Sunday 11 March 2018

Martin Lishman Minitemp Hand-Held Monitor
Previously requiring cables running over the grain surface to connect to probes in the grain, or the labour-intensive process of walking the grain heap and pushing in a probe to take readings, Minitemp Blue uses Bluetooth technology to make the job simpler and a lot less time consuming.

“The Minitemp hand-held monitor has been a great servant for many years,” says Martin Lishman Managing Director Dr Gavin Lishman, “and it will continue to suit applications that require a fast-response portable probe to take readings, but taking time and labour cost out of crop temperature monitoring is the key to improving crop storage efficiency. Minitemp Blue is a significant upgrade that will make it much quicker to take readings in small to medium size stores.”

When they enter the store, users of Minitemp Blue will be able to open an App on their smartphone and view crop readings instantly. Mounted on 2 metre or 3 metre static temperature probes inserted into the grain, the Bluetooth unit will transmit readings over 20-30 metres depending on the configuration of the grain surface. It may be necessary to gain line of sight to more distant sensors, but the days of walking extensively over the grain surface will be avoided.

Having instant readings will enable store managers to make quick decisions on when and where to use crop ventilation fans. Used in conjunction with a Martin Lishman automatic fan controller, this can contribute to greater storage efficiency and significant energy cost savings.

As well as taking instant measurements, Minitemp Blue will also make it possible to store and download to a PC up to 6 months’ worth of temperature readings at a time. This will certainly help those who are required to submit regular data records to conform to quality assurance schemes.


Dr Gavin Lishman
Martin Lishman Ltd
+44 1778 426600

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