Vibrating Screen For Nut Pastes From Russell Finex

High-performance vibrating screener separates fine almond paste from oversize contamination such as nut pieces and shells

by Darren Ralphs | Wednesday 7 March 2018

Viscous food pastes and liquids such as honey, liquid chocolate and nut pastes and oils must be screened before use in food production. These products can contain oversize particles such as nut solids, shells, agglomerated particles and foreign contamination. With increasing health, safety and quality standards in the food industry, it is vital producers quality-check their incoming ingredients and final products to protect their reputation.

In a Russell Finex demonstration video, almond paste is screened using the Finex 22™ Sieve. Almond paste, which is used in a variety of bakery, confectionery and health food products, is extremely viscous. Therefore, a high-performance industrial sieve shaker is needed to process and sieve the product, separating the fine, smooth nut paste from the oversize nut solids. Once screened, the paste can be used in food production.

The versatile Finex 22™ Sieve is capable of safety screening as well as accurate grading of food powders, granules and high-viscosity liquids. These vibrating screeners are fully portable, allowing one unit to be used for various applications throughout a food production line, and quick tool-free disassembly reduces changeover and cleaning times and production downtime.

Sieving nut paste video:
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