Uniball Stainless Steel Tumbler Mixer Suits Many Products

Variable speed control from the Uniball Tumbler on the drum rotation makes it suitable for a wide range of products

by Mike Pinner | Saturday 17 February 2018

The drum is manufactured in 316 stainless steel which makes it an option for a high risk and high acid product range. It is user friendly with electrically operated rise and fall of the drum to assist easy loading and emptying of product into the food industry normal 200 litre tote bin/buggy to save on stress injuries to operators. Mounted on wheels it is easy to move around and with braked swivel wheels it is stable in operation.

The machine is built with quality European parts which are reliable and easily sourced for maintenance.

The Tumbler mixer has been sold mixing food and medical products as the following products, sterilising powders, olives, flavouring nuts, mixing nuts, baking recipes, marinating meat, coating oil on vegetables / fruits, flap jack mix’s and mixing muesli / granola.


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Saturday 17 February 2018 / file under Food and Beverage | Machinery | Medical