Inciner8 Will Be Showcasing New Medical Incinerator Range ArabHealth 2018

The flagship of this range is a 500KG+ incinerator that will operates within the emissions guidelines set out by a number of humanitarian organizations

by Alex Billingsley | Wednesday 31 January 2018

Duncan Sandford (Commercial Director) said "This new model boasts full remote connectivity via IOT (Internet of Things) and allows our experienced engineers to fine tune burn processes from the other side of the world. Combine this with 24/7 monitoring and alerts, fast autoloader, completely re-designed secondary chamber and Coretex insulation and you will start to see why this is such a game changer in this marketplace. All medical models are now fitted with cool-touch panels and are air-modulated to improve fuel efficiency".

Duncan goes on to say “We are proud to be ambassadors of UK Exporting and will continue to showcase our company and champion UK manufacturing at these events".


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Wednesday 31 January 2018 / file under Government | Medical | Utilities