Switch To Fairchild Transducer Delivers Improved Die Casting Performance With Reduced Costs

Fairchild, a Rotork Instruments brand, manufactures precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic industrial control components

by Sarah Kellett | Monday 15 January 2018

In a recent application, the introduction of Fairchild electro-pneumatic transducers has improved the performance of die casting machinery and reduced overall costs.

Suzhou Mingzhi Technology based in China manufactures low pressure die casting machinery that is designed to produce high quality, high volume metal components. The high quality of the components is dependent on accurate high flow, low pressure air pressure control, for which it was previously necessary to use four pressure transducers in each machine.

The switch to Fairchild has enabled a single Fairchild T9000 Series IP transducer to perform this duty with increased accuracy. Outlet air pressure is regulated in proportion to an analogue electrical input signal by a closed-loop integrated microprocessor control system. The highly accurate output pressure is maintained by an internal feedback sensor.

Designed for arduous and challenging industrial environments, Fairchild T9000 IP transducers are resistant to shock and vibration and can be installed in any orientation. Fairchild feed and bleed technology enables the T9000 Series to provide a complete range of high performance transducers for many applications.

In this case the high volume, low pressure performance has enabled a single unit to replace four units from another manufacturer, delivering cost savings as well as improved performance.


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Monday 15 January 2018 / file under Engineering | Machinery