Patient Connections From Intersurgical

Intersurgical provide a comprehensive, high quality range of catheter mounts and elbows

by Kirsty Nolan | Monday 18 December 2017

Our patient connections provide a safe, secure and convenient connection between the breathing system and the patient's airway. Catheter mounts are available in three tube formats: Flexible, Superset™ and Smoothbore in a number of configurations.

Flexible catheter mounts are manufactured from Flextube™ and have a unique clip feature to provide an airtight and secure connection.

Superset™ catheter mounts have a concertina design to allow the length and position to be adjusted to allow optimal patient comfort and positioning.

Smoothbore catheter mounts provide improved flow characteristics and reduced volume.

Our range of patient connections also includes fixed and double swivel elbows for extra mobility and a variety of ports, providing an option for various clinical needs, including luer ports for secure attachment of gas sampling lines, 7.6 mm port and flip top cap for insertion of suction catheters, and a double flip top cap with seal to allow for both bronchoscopy and bronchial suction via one port.

For added safety all Intersurgical port caps are fixed to the connectors to prevent loss or misplacement during use.

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