Endomag First Company Located At ABHI Innovation Hub

Endomag have been announced as the first company to locate themselves at the ABHI Innovation Hub

by Julia Price | Tuesday 12 December 2017

The ABHI Innovation Hub is an unique partnership between the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin.

The Hub, a first for ABHI, will offer Endomag the opportunity to locate themselves at a world-class facility and continue to develop their US business within an ecosystem of clinicians, investors and mentors. It also provides them with the infrastructure to strengthen market access and clinician engagement in Texas and beyond.

Endomag have developed a more accurate, non-radioactive technique to help surgeons locate and remove breast cancer that cannot easily be felt. The technique consists of a seed, smaller than a grain of rice, that is implanted in radiology into the tumour and then located during surgery using a sensitive probe. The system helps remove all of the tumour and maximise the healthy tissue left behind. Having received FDA approval in April last year, the magnetic surgical guidance system is now being used at multiple sites in Texas, and adoption increasing across the US.

Speaking about joining the Hub, Eric Mayes, CEO of Endomag commented: "Endomag is delighted to take-up location at the ABHI Innovation Hub. We were originally a joint spin-out of University College London and the University of Houston, and selected Austin as our US home given the city's academic, technological and creative vibrancy. Through the Hub, we expect to increase our engagement with the unique and innovative community that the Dell Medical School is fostering, while building on our mission to improve the standard of cancer care for everyone, everywhere."

The Hub is located within Dell Med's Health CoLab, a new initiative that provides space and creates connections for companies who share the school's mission to create healthier communities, starting in Austin and the surrounding area. The Health CoLab directly supports the school, seeking out innovation that promotes health, enhances medical services, increases care resources and access for people in this community in ways that can be scaled to other communities.

Other UK companies that have signed up the Hub include Deltex Medical, a manufacturer of fluid management devices, urine specimen collection specialist Forte Medical and Timesco who manufacture and supply products for anaesthesia, surgery, podiatry and primary care.

As well as being based within the Hub, the companies will also be able to participate in the 'Texas Health Catalyst,' a programme designed by the Dell Medical School to foster health research and advance innovation.


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