Inciner8 Ramp Up Production Of Medical Waste Incinerators

Production is ramped up to Support Marburg Crisis in Kenya / Uganda

by Alex Billingsley | Friday 27 October 2017

The Marburg Virus has been around since the 1960's but normally only in rare single cases. The unprecedented situation on the Uganda / Kenyan border reports over 200 cases of this currently un-curable disease.

The symptoms are harrowing and spread of the infection is possible through contact infected skin and materials. In most cases there is a mortality rate of over 80%.

Containment at this stage is critical and the WHO, UN and other international aid agencies recommend burning of any infected medical / pathological waste. The safest way to do this is using a state of the art medical waste incinerator that has been specifically designed to safely destroy the harmful pathogens and airborne viruses in this waste.

There is currently ring-fenced stock located at our strategic centres in the region ready for deployment.


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