Inciner8 Supply Critical Waste Solutions To Assist With Refugee Crisis In Bangladesh

Over 300,000 children have crossed the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh seeking refuge and a �safe haven� from the horrific violence and fighting seen in their homelands

by Alex Billingsley | Wednesday 18 October 2017

According to World Vision �Many have lost parents and are crossing the border into Bangladesh scared, hungry and alone.

These refugees, most of whom identify as Rohingya, are living in makeshift camps with little access to food, clean water or medical care. They are facing the threat of malnutrition and disease.�

Inciner8 are working with NGO�s on the ground in Bangladesh to provide temporary waste solutions to manage the huge waste challenges now present at the camps.
We have supplied one of our i8-75 medical waste incinerators, which will be on-route in the coming days. This will allow the refugee camp to process their own waste on-site reducing the risk of spreading disease further afield.


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