Roma International Brings Luxury At Your Fingertips

With a continued growth in premium packaging and the need to set your product apart from the crowd, Roma International are able to offer a range of highly customisable teat and button droppers

by Steve Filby | Tuesday 12 September 2017

In neck sizes from 13mm to 24mm, these are standardly produced in gold or silver but can be colour matched to meet your requirements.

On the button droppers we can decorate the button, collar or both to a colour and finish of your choice.

With our full range of skincare bottles from 10ml to 200ml to compliment these we are sure to have the pack for you.

Roma are also able to offer comprehensive decoration services to glass items in order to further personalise your packaging. This includes

• Comprehensive screen printing service with 1-3 pass options available
• Standard ceramic and organic inks available plus flux, silver and gold style printing
• Other printing services available including foiling, transfer, emboss effect etc
• Other Decoration Services
• Glass Etching provides a beautiful texture to the bottle and a cool frosted effect
• Single or multiple colour spraying (with organic or water-based options) is also available to matt, gloss and pearl finishes in transparent, solid and graduated effects


Stephen Excell
Roma International Plc
+44 1473 823279

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