University of Dayton MP521 Engineering Flight Simulator

Merlin Flight Simulation Group have delivered an additional channel for the University of Dayton’s MP521 Engineering Flight Simulator’s Genesis Visual System

by Marion Neal | Thursday 6 July 2017

The additional channel displayed at the Instructor Station provides the option to view the exterior of a generic aircraft so that students may appreciate the dynamics of the total vehicle alongside the cockpit view, or to view the scene from a ball camera mounted on the air vehicle.

The ball camera provides manually controlled pitch / roll / yaw / zoom functions. The University of Dayton are using the latter function to integrate with thei respected Vision Labs (UDVL) Auto Detect and Tracking System (ADTS), which detects and uniquely identifies ground objects independent of weather conditions.

Linking with the UD MP521 enables UDVL to expand research of ADTS outside the confines of FAA realworld flight envelope restrictions. The research will also take advantage of the MP521’s ability to simulate novel airvehicle designs for the purposes of evaluating different camera platforms – UAV, piloted fixed / rotary wing, and airship.

The addition to the MP521’s Genesis Visual System was demonstrated to the delegates of The IMAGE Society conference held at Dayton, Ohio at the end of June.


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Thursday 6 July 2017 / file under Aerospace