Amsterdam University Wins Top Two Prizes At IT FLIES UK 2017

Held for the first time at the University of Manchester, Merlin Flight Simulation Group’s IT FLIES UK 2017 Aircraft Design and Handling Competition was a multinational event

by Marion Neal | Monday 26 June 2017

Organised for our aircraft designers of the future, with teams competing from the UK, the USA, and the Netherlands. Entries ranged from supersonic aircraft to a crop sprayer – providing a fascinating flight testing opportunity for the judges, Dave Southwood and Gordon McClymont from The Empire Test Pilots’ School.

Supreme this year was The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences – winning with Sam le Poole’s ATLAS – unmanned blended wing body cargo freighter, and second with Mike Hartman’s E-SPARC, an electrically sustainably propelled aerobatic racing aircraft. Mike also won the prize for The Most Innovative Aircraft Design.


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Monday 26 June 2017 / file under Aerospace | Engineering