Metal 3D Printing From Concept To Completion

Croft Additive Manufacturing is a specialist company providing state-of-the-art metal additive manufacturing

by Neil Burns | Monday 5 June 2017

Metal 3D products can be produced from stainless steel 316L for a range of industries in the UK and overseas.

Croft Additive manufacturing's in-house design team offers innovative, flexible product design and manufacturing services.

Supported with more than 30 years of experience in the filtration industry through sister company Croft Filters Ltd, CAM is committed to reducing production times and developing leading-edge design solutions.

So how does it work?
The printing process starts inside a build chamber where a powder depositor and leveller sweeps the first layer of metal powder onto a build plate to the desired thickness

Once each layer has been distributed, each 2D slice of the part geometry is fused by selectively melting the atomized fine metal powder onto the build plate, usually metal, that is fastened to a processing table which moves down each layer on a vertical (Z) axis.

A high power laser beam is directed in the X and Y directions with two high frequency scanning mirrors. The laser energy is intense enough to permit full melting (welding) of the particles to form a solid metal.

The process is repeated layer after layer until the part is complete.


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