US Test Pilots Fly And Assess Students Aircraft Designs At IT FLIES USA

A team of second year aero engineering students from Manchester are the winners of this year’s Merlin Flight Simulation Group’s IT FLIES USA Aircraft Design and Handling Competition

by Marion Neal | Wednesday 17 May 2017

The competition was held held at The University of Dayton, Ohio.

Ana Gea, Thomas Moissinac and Yufei Jin designed a two person short range VTOL aircraft with an electrical propulsion system. This is an amazingly advanced concept for second year students…..and furthermore when flown and assessed by a test pilot in the MP521 Engineering Flight Simulator at Dayton, it performed very well.

Manchester students also took home the prize for The Most Innovative Design with their other team’s hybrid transatlantic aircraft. This design had six electric engines on top of its wings, and two gas turbines at the rear – so truly an unconventional design.

IT FLIES is the only international student competition where students’ aircraft designs are assessed by test pilots! Paper designs do not necessarily translate into practical solutions!

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Wednesday 17 May 2017 / file under Aerospace