Highest Precision Under High Pressure From Rheintacho

The field of dosing technology and the processing of fluid resins has shown continuous growth

by Melanie Nubling | Monday 15 May 2017

Both the trend towards more and more electro-mobility, the increasing amount of “comfort electronics” in vehicles and the newest energy efficiency technologies have supported this development.

To achieve a 100% control of the process and to ensure the highest quality requirements, rotational speed sensors are now installed in dynamic mixers.
Several important factors are then monitored. First, there is independent recording of the motors rotational speed as well as the actual rotational speed of the mixer which enables the accurate setting of the mixer speed.

To realize the application precisely and to achieve a stable process, the highly durable M12 high pressure sensor SDN2.GI03.SB was tested and specified by RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH.

The highly accurate hall sensor made of stainless steel is designed for 500 bar static pressure as well as 225 bar dynamic pressure at the highly sensitive sensor point (mem- brane).

In addition, the design allows the complete system to be completely sealed.

The Company:
ENDIN GmbH has been in the market for over 17 years and is a successful contractor for many industrial companies. ENDIN GmbH is the specialist for dosing and mixing or casting resins. The competence is found in static and dynamic casting under an atmosphere or a vacuum.

They accompany and support in the production of samples until series production.
If a customer desires, the equipment is also built according to specification.

Ranging from medical technology to electric and automotive industries, they cover all fields. ATEX components are there daily business. Some reference customers are Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co. KG, Magna Spiegelsysteme GmbH or Webasto AG.


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