More Diversity In The Kitchen From Nickel Electro

If you want more space and even more diversity in the kitchen then our 14/14 Duobath could be what you're looking for.

by Fi Davis | Friday 5 May 2017

All of our Duobaths have been designed and manufactured so that each individual side can be operated at two different temperatures simultaneously. All times and temperatures are retained in the bath's memory even after it has been switched off.

If only one side is needed during service, it is possible to switch off one of the controllers to allow only one side of the Duobath to be used.

As with all of our water baths the temperature can be set between ambient +5°C - 95°C, the temperature is displayed to 0.1°C. The timer can be set between 1 minute and 99 hours so can be used for short periods or for long overnight cooks.

The 14/14 litre Duobath is large enough to suit 50+ covers.

As with all our Duobaths, there are two drain taps on the unit for easy emptying and comes complete with two perforated trays for even heat distribution and two flat stainless steel lids with our insulated signature orange handle.


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