Boron Nitride Is Versatile In Form And Function

Goodfellow offers an extensive range of boron nitride in many forms, most in stock and available for rapid shipment

by Stephen Aldersley | Friday 21 April 2017


• Exceptional resistance to wear and erosion
• Excellent lubricating properties
• Low electric conductivity
• High thermal conductivity
• Exceptional resistance to thermal shock
• Excellent chemical stability
• Machinable using traditional metal turning techniques (hot-pressed BN)

Typical applications

Boron nitride is widely used in the aerospace industry, notably as a thermal barrier and as a dynamic friction material in brake pads. It is also used in thermal management filters in high-performance plastic components. Other applications for BN are found in:

• Electronics
• Sensors
• Cosmetics
• Paints
• Bearings
• Microwave-transparent windows

Goodfellow supplies a wide variety of forms

• Powder (hBN as well as Wurtzite BN, which is harder than diamond; cubic BN is available on request)
• Sheet (hot-pressed and pyrolytic)
• Rod (hot-pressed)
• Tube (hot-pressed)
• Film (single crystal)
• Sputtering target (hot isostatic pressed)


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